"What a great blog post, I'm stunned and inspired by your great words. One thing always remember "History makes who you are" we can't forget our history, if so we will lose the essence of reality. History can be good or bad but we have to take the good, keep a note on the latter and move on with a smile on our faces." - Kaveen Rodrigo

"You should be proud of your self. Cause you were strong enough to keep your family together and you revealed everything about you." - sss

"I'm stunned and astounded. Truly beautifully written and in a way this relates to other people out there afraid of letting the truth out too! Inspiring words and it's true "It doesn’t matter what others think or what others want you to do, what matters is what you think of yourself and what you want to do" :)" - Imaadh Rizni

"What an amazing story! enjoyed reading it and really got to know more about you. All I can say now is look at you now. :) All those years of going through shit and learning how to live life all on your own and you've come a long way up the ladder. Of course there's always room to improve and become the perfect version of yourself. So don't stop becoming better. But know now that when you want to talk there IS a line of people you can talk to who WILL listen ^^ As i've said before in the end you only have yourself. That's how i live my life as a safety precaution. But just like you I have learnt that its good to confide in others sometimes. Yesterday is History, Tomorrows a mystery. But today is a gift! that's why they call it the present! :) Keep being the cool awesome Bash we know! B) Legendary Bro fist!" - Sherlock Hunter

"Awesome brah! you've achieved it already and you'd even achieve more! I see success rather than anything depressing! Hope people take this as an inspiration ;)" - Muralish

"It is a very touching story machang. I literally know how you feel cause I've faced somewhat a smiling experience in life. I'm very happy that you overcame all of them and never gave up on yourself. Your past failures is the one that's gonna make you a successful future. Everything happens for the betterment. Keep doing what you are doing. Live in the moment. Not the past or the future. Enjoy every moment of life :) Good luck with everything man. If you need anything let me know. ( Especially the gym :p)" - Akila

"Sharing the past and experiences in your life is awesome and cool dude...! \r\nNo words to say.\r\nAll the best for great success in future. :)" - Mohamed Musthaque

"BASHHHH. I miss touching your head. \r\n\r\nOkay seriously though. Great post. I know I'm supposed to be doing my professional practice coursework but somehow I landed here and thought I'd read it. It truly is inspiring, and you're right. People do try to hide the past for some reason, but in your case there's nothing to be embarrassed about. When I was young my family had trouble in making ends meet. As much as many people in our culture seem to believe our background defines who we are, I don't. Not one bit. We define who we are. The actions we do and the decisions we take. Easy as that. Also, I MISS YOUR ALMOST BALD HEAD." - Sanju

"Bash, Such a great inspiring post. This post has challenged me alot. Hats off to you brother. When comparing you with this post and now shows how much you have matured and become strong in life. Always be strong in life. All the best with your future." - John

"Awesome stuff man. Can't wait to read more of these!" - Suchetha

Prabashwara Seneviratne

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Prabashwara Seneviratne