We humans sure think of some strange stuff. The ice hotel is definitely one of them.

Located in Kiruna in the north of Sweden , it is as amazing as it is impractical. On one hand, it incredible that all of those intricate designs can be created by a material as unreliable as ice and on the other, it is freezing inside, which sort of misses the point of a hotel. Apparently, it is still considered to be a commercial building by Swedish law and despite obvious reasons, there still mandated fire extinguishers inside which I found particularly amusing.

Another part of this hotel's charm is the fact that it only lasts for one winter. Sure, there is also the Icehotel 365, which is kept refrigerated year round. But the building you seen in most of these photos, Icehotel 28, is long gone by now.

Prabashwara Seneviratne

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Prabashwara Seneviratne