Prabashara Seneviratne


My name is Prabashwara Seneviratne and I am a Sri Lankan frontend developer living in Prague, Czech Republic. This site is home to my posts on life, travel and tech. I also write about frontend development on Frontend undefined.

Adventures with tech

Building a Prague public transport departure screen with openHASP and Home Assistant
Creating image galleries in eleventy(11ty) with elventy-img
What I learnt after building my own social network
How I became a techie #2
How I became a techie #1


Building PC game UIs with web tech (WebExpo 2022)
Building responsive web apps with concurrent mode in React
What’s the deal with Serverless anyway?
GraphQL – How we switched and lessons learnt along the way

0 to ? : From zero to somewhere

The year of writing begins
The app is live (and also dead)
A change in pace
About burnout
Posts and more posts
It's alive!
Gaining traction
Launched my own mentoring site
A recap and some changes
Doubling down
The start of the frontend development blog
Finished with task tracker and it's only the beginning
Progress on building a task tracker
My first mentee and going back to 30x500
Launching the new blog, approved for codementor and mockups for time tracker
The first Monday of November and the first vlog


Photo album

Thinking back

8 years and 8 versions of this blog
If I could go back in time, what would I tell my younger self?
My AIESEC exchange: The turning point of my life
The invisible stories: Tales of prejudice and bureaucracy
22 days on the road: Thoughts on the longest trip I have taken so far
What I learnt after traveling the world
Moving to Czech Repulic #5: How did it change me?
Moving to Czech Repulic #4: Adapting to Czech culture
Moving to Czech Repulic #3: The visible differences
Moving to Czech Repulic #2: Getting in
Moving to Czech Repulic #1: Why did I do it?
Malaysia - Day 2: Going to work
Malaysia - Day 1: What is happenning?!?!?
Malaysia - Prologue: What happened before
The truth about me