Prabashara Seneviratne


My name is Prabashwara Seneviratne and I am a Sri Lankan frontend developer living in Prague, Czech Republic. This site is home to my posts on life, travel and tech. I also write about frontend development on Frontend undefined. You can follow me on Twitter or Mastodon.

Adventures with tech

#2: Building a Prague public transport departure screen with openHASP and Home Assistant
#1: Creating image galleries in eleventy(11ty) with elventy-img
What I learnt after building my own social network
How I became a techie #2
How I became a techie #1


Building PC game UIs with web tech
Building responsive web apps with concurrent mode in React
What’s the deal with Serverless anyway?
GraphQL – How we switched and lessons learnt along the way

0 to ? : From zero to somewhere

#14: A change in pace
#13: About burnout
#12: Posts and more posts
#11: It's alive!
#10: Gaining traction
#9: Launched my own mentoring site
#8: A recap and some changes
#7: Doubling down
#6: The start of the frontend development blog
#5: Finished with task tracker and it's only the beginning
#4: Progress on building a task tracker
#3: My first mentee and going back to 30x500
#2: Launching the new blog, approved for codementor and mockups for time tracker
#1: The first Monday of November and the first vlog

The story in a picture

Thinking back

If I could go back in time, what would I tell my younger self?
The invisible stories: Tales of prejudice and bureaucracy
22 days on the road: Thoughts on the longest trip I have taken so far
What I learnt after traveling the world
Moving to Czech Repulic #5: How did it change me?
Moving to Czech Repulic #4: Adapting to Czech culture
Moving to Czech Repulic #3: The visible differences
Moving to Czech Repulic #2: Getting in
Moving to Czech Repulic #1: Why did I do it?
The truth about me